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hai guise!

As most of you know, I've been working on the "Pwning with BackTrack" video series lately, we're happy to announce that ALL of the DNS Enumeration tools have a high level tutorial video that will be making their way to the HackTalk youtube channel (if you don't subscribe, you're an idiot and you should) ! I have started staging for the next series, "Identify Live Hosts", which looks to be a lot of fun.

I'm posting here to keep you up to speed on the status of the project but also to look down the road as we move more into the other tool sets. I'm looking to find someone who has the time, resources, and inclination to help me build the target environments that are needed for these tools and stand them up when needed for the various testing. Most of the tools I can do on my own as they work just the same internally and externally. There are still a great number that I can run against, my own domains, or if they are "safe enough", I can run them against big sites which are likely to yield good results (I did this with several of the DNS enum vids). But there are some tools that will respond better and make the attack look more authentic on the video if done across the internet. Anyone with the time/skill/ability/willingness to work with me to set up some VMs for these situations? As much or as little help as I can get would be appreciated. 

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