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Best Bug Bounty Resources

Finding the best bug bounty resources is easier than you think. They can be as close as your social media page or a Discord server you join in yet can be as niche as going through specific bug bounty websites and programs If you want a headstart in finding for the bug bounties, then please consider reading our article.

Social Media

Social Media may be seen as nothing but fluff and nonsense but for the most resourceful bug bounty hunters, websites like Facebook and Twitter can be great resources.

The most prolific way to get resources is to follow the bug bots such as @TheBugBot on Twitter. It’s literally just a bot account but it provides all the links you need if you want a good start on bounty hunting.

There are also bug bounty groups that you can join in if you either have a Facebook or Twitter account. These guys will usually contribute to the group with legit resources that you can gather.


Hacktivity is the central hub of all the resources you need to start hunting. Found in, Hacktivity is a forum filled with all of the lucrative resources required for bug hunting. Hunters look for either Hacktivity or Reddit but I do recommend you go with the former since it’s a tried and tested site. Also, it’s a great place to find bug bounty friends too.


Sure, newsletters are quite a nuisance but if you are an intensive bug bounty hunter, you’d agree that newsletters can help too. This is especially if you subscribe to cybersecurity forums and general websites. All you have to do is open up your email and read the feed given.

Other Accessible Resources

Reddit is another great place to find resources, specifically in r/bugbounty which has over 10.6 members who contribute links and other essential matters on daily basis. You can also go for other portals like Hacker101, Portswigger Academy and PentesterLab but they require paid subscriptions to access the resources.

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