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Hacking the Box Best Challenges

Hacking the Box (HTB) is known as one of the best pen testing sources for both beginners and professionals. It offers a wide range of tools to use and has a great variety of virtual PCs for you to work on. One of the best features of HTB is its challenges that offer many forms of pen testing that will certainly hone your skills. We rounded up the best challenges in the program that you may want to refer to.


Reversing is a short term for reverse-engineering. Here, you get to play with various reversing tools to discover specific programs, apps and scripts to detect the flag and capture it.


Also known as Miscellaneous, it presents multiple challenges that make problem solving more fun. True to its name, these challenges are spontaneous are not categorized as a specific type.


Stego is more of a hidden object type challenge where you need to use steganographic tools to find the flag. It is considered the best challenge for anybody who likes pretending to be a detective.


Crypto challenges are stealth-based activities that mainly focus on cryptographic functions. You will need to decrypt well-defended objectives while preventing the watchful eyes of its defender.


If you want to play around web-based apps, the Web challenges should do justice. It is also one of the most popular challenges in the game and has a great set of intriguing themes.


Another detective type challenge is the Forensics. It focuses on data recovery where you will need to do intensive investigations to recover batches of data and solve the root of the problem.


OSINT is also one of the most played challenges in HTB. Also known as Open Source Intelligence, OSINT challenges provide you with multiple data from makeshift accounts who leave their digital footprints behind. You can use this for algorithm purposes to solve a certain puzzle.


An internet slang for “Own”, Pwn is simple to play, but hard to master. You get yourself involved with binary exploitation and also memory corruption. It is arguably one of the hardest types of challenges in HTB.


Another popular challenge is the mobile challenges. Mobile challenges let tinker with social media profiles and go through various mobile phone apps to find the flags and other crucial data to recover.


Hardware challenges are slightly different from the other HTB apps. You will have to penetrate within hardware systems using the software provided for you. You must analyze the attacks and other attempted penetrations onto the system.

Plenty of Fun as You Learn

HTB challenges are not just learning tools; they are also fun as game programs that provide excitement as you increase your experience.

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