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Hacking The Box (HTB) vs VulnHub

There are quite a number of very good pen testing sources to use. For this article, we will discuss two of the most used sources: Hacking The Box and Vulnhub. Both are very useful but some would argue that one is better than the other. Are there any huge differences? Why should you prefer HTB over VulnHub or vice versa? Let’s take a look at both of these and see if they make any changes.

Why HTB and VulnHub 

Simply said, HTB and VulnHub are among the most used sources for pentesters. Both have a great number of PCs, CTF tasks and various hardcore virtual AD forests. HTB and VulnHub are both go-to tools for pen testing researchers.

Hacking The Box 

HTB is one of the latest sources with the latest virtual PCs. All registered users get the priviledge to hack the PC and has over 20 virtual PCs at the same time inside a free server. It also has a VIP subscription of 10 Euros per onth but subscribers can upgrade it to 100 Euros per year.  

For the paid subscribers, they can have access to the old machines inside the source. Along with the access to these machines, subscribers also get to read official walkthroughs by long-time HTB professionals.

HTB also houses one of the most difficult virtual machines to tinker with. However, beginners in the IT course can sample the dummies provided by the program. It also has a useful filter system where you can select the most optimal machine based on your skill level.

Hacking The Box is a very good tool for various skill levels for cyber security personnel and is considered one of the most recommended programs according to specialists in the course.

Even if you do not opt for the paid subscription, the 20 active PCs are good enough for you to work with. However, the subscription is a good investment for long term usage.


VulnHub or Vulnerable by Design is a more hands-on practical tool that lets you tinker with software, network administration and cyber security. It also provides an easy hub for beginners yet it also provides complex machines for veterans to work with.

Their purpose is to make sure you have the right tools for penetration and have the guaranteed safety to do so. In other words, if you make a mistake in testing, you won’t get in trouble at all because VulnHub protects you.

There are plenty of resources found in VulnHub with the right virtual machines for you to test out. These are created by the users who utilize the VulnHub engine and converting them into a sort of training range for the beginners.

The hub is also constantly updated with the best possible database indexed within its program.

Which is Better to Use  

It’s all up to you. HTB is a very flexible program but is only limited to 20 PCs if you wish to go with its free program. VulnHub is more beginner-oriented and completely free but is more limited compared to HTB. Whatever you choose will remain as a winner.

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