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Best Bug Bounty YouTube Channels

YouTube is a platform that entertains all types of niches. If you are looking for pen testing and cyber security channels, there are surprisingly a lot of them. Refer to our best bug bounty YouTube channels guide if you want to see the most recommended YT personalities regarding CTF, pen testing and competitive HTB.


If you know CTF, then you probably have heard of LiveOverflow. As of this writing, he has more than 550,000 subscribers under his belt for plenty of good reasons: a great personality, awesome video content and plenty of helpful guides and analyses on CTF and beyond.


If ethical hacking is your thing, then HackerSploit is your go-to guy. He has more than 500k subscribers right now thanks to his extensive explanations on various cyber security topics.

The Cyber Mentor

Formerly an accountant and now an ethical hacker, The Cyber Mentor currently has 500k+ subscribers that adore him for his free lessons regarding penetration testing, OSINT, and general topics on cyber security.

John Hammond

If you keep in touch with CTF competitions, then you know who John Hammond is. This legendary CTF player that provides his own challenges for the viewers and even does extensive analyses on how challenges are properly made.


If you prefer a fun yet relaxed vibe on bug bounty hunting, STOK is a guy that provides just that. This former IT consultant is an up and coming cybersecurity YouTuber has made bug bounty more interesting for its viewers and also provides some fun videos on the topic.


He’s slowly rising up the subscription ranks thanks to his effective tutorials on bug bounties, OSINT, and challenge walkthroughs. Ceos3c is a no-frills personality who can be your best buddy when it comes to explanations on certain topics like pen testing and CTF.


Finally, we have NahamSec – a bug bounty hunter who made a large influence in the bug bounty community. He is mostly known for interviewing well-known bug bounty hunters, live hack streaming, and cyber security podcasts.

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