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* Welcome To! was started as a project to help bring the latest and greatest in security news to the general public through a blog located at

Eventually, a lot of the blog readers wanted a more "community" feel and after countless emails, I buckled and said, "Sure, let's do it!" and thus was born this forum.

Great Quality
Something we realized early on was that there are tons of hacking forums out on the internet; well, we didn't want to be just another hacking forum, and, because of this, have opted to do our best to bring you the best quality we can from not only professionals in the Information Security industry, but security enthusiasts who selflessly give back to the scene and are active in the scene. strives to not be another forum full of so-called hackers who run around causing chaos wherever they go and thinking that defacing a website is cool; strives to be a forum where we foster the ideas of responsible disclosure and consensual hacking, as well as provide a place where beginners and experts alike can co-mingle and learn from each other.

N00bz Welcome!!!
Unlike many other forums, we welcome those new to hacking and encourage them to join the forum and interact. We wish to make a safe place where "noobs" can ask questions and not get utterly destroyed in flames and never have their questions answered. Let's face it, even the most amazing of hackers had their humble start as noobs and look where they have come. We hope to foster the spirit of learning, self research, and ethical hacking so that even beginners may one day become the next big thing.

So What Are You Waiting For?
You're still reading this? Get out there and join the forums, start talking with people, join us on IRC ( #hacktalk) and above all, have fun!


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TrainACE is A multiple award winning IT certification and information security content and training organization. Featuring mainstream / baseline classes such as Certified Ethical Hacker all the way to advanced security classes like Cyber War and Advanced Mobile Hacking and Security. They also feature free hacking webinars.

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My Protection Link is a leading provider for physical and home security monitoring solutions.

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April 03, 2015, 01:42:24 AM by TickingClock | Views: 20158 | Comments: 0

so im really really new to this stuff, and i was wondering if you need to know how to code properly in order to hack. if you do, how would i leaarn, do i just do it online? also whats the best codeing to learn, java script? i would like to learn to b...

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March 24, 2015, 03:07:48 PM by lijiim | Views: 12942 | Comments: 0

_____ __ __ _ _______ ______ _____ _____
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| | __ ____ _| \ / | / \ / __) | | | |__ | |__) | (___
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